Presenting the SLE Series

Two dice cubes, one with two dots, the other with five

The Balabushka Cue Company is in its fourth production of the SLE series cue.  These signed and numbered SLE4-A (Ebony) and the SLE$-B (Rosewood) both come with two 13mm low-deflection, Canadian maple, pro taper shafts, phenolic collar with silver ring, brass pilot wood wrapped Juma Ferrule with a Tiger Everest medium layered tip, traditional stainless steel collars with 5/16-14 piloted joints, matching ringwork, custom joint protectors, a certificate of authenticity and a velvet embroidered cue sleeve.  Individually numbered 1/50 through 50/50.


Birdseye maple forearm, light stain, four-point African Ebony splice w/4 veneer wrap (black/blue & black/blue). Four abalone, white shell pill-shaped inlays w/4 white-shell notched diamond inlays in point base.  Stylized ring pack below points. African Ebony butt sleeve, 2 stylized ring packs top and bottom.  Eight small white abalone notched diamonds, 4 large white abalone notched diamonds. White butt cap.

MSRP $2695.00


Birdseye maple forearm, light stain, four point African Ebony splice w/4 veneer wrap (black/green & black/green). Four white Mother-of-pearl notched diamonds, 4 small white MOP dots above the diamonds.  Stylized ring pack point base. White w/green spec linen wrap.  Rosewood butt sleeve, stylized ring pack above & below, 12 white MOP pearl dots, 8 white MOP notched square inlays, 4 large white MOP notched diamonds. White butt Cap.

MSRP $2520.00