The Trick Shot

The Balabushka “Power Load” Break and “Direct Hit” Jump Cues were specifically designed for trick shot artist, Nick Nikolaidis to break seven Guinness world records in the next five years.

They are made with a propietary internal cartridge system at key impact zones to improve explosive power while maintaining balance, accuracy and control.

“Power Load” Break Cue

The break cues design was created to help a player of any skill level increase their ability to drive through the break and create a more consistent spread.

“Power Load” Technology
14mm Shaft
G-10 Tip w/Phenolic Pad
Adjustable weight from 19.5 to 21 oz.

MSRP: $390.00

“Direct Hit” Jump Cue

The Balabushka Jump Cue was developed to give the player four position options when executing a jump shot. There is a notched joint on the handle as well as two rubber rings for additional grip positions. The back end of the cue has been flared out to allow for a more secure grip for low trajectory jump shots.

Controlled Accuracy Technology
3 Dart positions plus larger back knob for better grip on lower trajectory jump shots
14mm Shaft
G-10 Tip w/Phenolic pad
Weight: 9 oz

MSRP: $235.00